Sunday, June 7, 2015

One Dozen Birthdays!

Catching up . . .

Mister has now had one dozen birthdays! He requested a "cousin sleepover" instead of a friend party this year. I love that he loves his cousins so much and that they have so much fun together. They went to Funtopia and to the ropes course at the Museum of Natural Curiosity. They had 3 tag-alongs on the right.

The cousins gave Mister giant peanut-butter cups for his birthday. They must know him well . . .
Mister was extra excited about the Kindle he got for his birthday, and, as always, he requested a funfetti cake.

Mister at 12
favorite color=green
favorite restaurant=Texas Roadhouse
favorite TV show=don't have one
favorite movie=Incredible Hulk
favorite after school activities=playing video games and playing with friends
favorite sports=skiing, golfing, and basketball
favorite food=wings
favorite drink=Mountain Dew
favorite cereal=Lucky Charms
best friends=Alec, Garrett, Jared
when he grows up, he wants to be an architect
he's really good at playing any game (video games and board games)
he wants to go on vacation to Europe
if he had $1000, he would buy lego sets
his biggest hero is his dad
before his next birthday, he wants to go to Universal Studios

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